Community Projects:

Caring For Kids Passport

2015 Festival for Fathers and Families

Annual Week of The Young Child Event


White Earth
Early Childhood Initiative

This is a coalition of community parents, volunteers, programs, agencies and schools whose goal is to help improve the lives of children zero to five. We work to provide ongoing community projects to ensure children are safe, healthy and ready for school. We encourage parent participation in thier children's activities at home, child care, pre-school and community. We work to provide parents with the resources they need for their children to grow and have a bright and fulfilling future.

Current projects include:

  • Early childhood partnership with reservation and county police
  • Parent/community involvement with children through "Caring for Kids Store"
  • Increased oral health resources for children
  • Opportunities for community family events
  • WE Reservation Pre-K to Grad Three Leadership Team
  • Develop, print and distribute a White Earth Reservation Early Childhood Resource Guide
  • Increased community access to library resources

Terri Darco Bruggeman
Early Childhood Coordinator
Community Outreach Specialist
(218) 983-3285 ext 1381